Build & Play

We are set across two floors, on the top level we have a cafe style seating area with tables and chairs next to a cleverly devised maze area for small children (recommended ages 1-4).

Within this area (which can mostly be seen from the seating area, hopefully allowing parents and carer givers the chance to get a hot cup of coffee!) there is a Mega Blocs Zone, Duplo Zone, Brio Train Zone and an Indoor Sandpit with plenty of tools to enjoy. We also have a wide range of Brio wooden blocks for the smaller children to explore.



What’s Down Stairs?!

On the lower (ground) floor is where the magic really happens!  This is our main play area, there are some comfy sofas for parents, but most of the space here is taken up for play, play, play!

We have Playmobil scenes set up and ready to be played with, whether you’d like to play with the Equestrian Horse Farms, Hospital, Circus, Dragon Castle or Ghost Busters car and building, we are certain there is something here for every Playmobile fan!

Then there is the Lego…

Dip into our pots of lose Lego and build whatever your heart desires! We have plenty of base plates to start your creations on and a huge range of lose bricks of every colour and shape imaginable! Look into another pot and you’ll find hundreds of figures, and Lego animals, or the tub next to you containing Lego train tracks and beyond that pots of wheels and tyres to build the fastest Lego cars around!

But the Lego doesn’t end here!

We have a Lego Graffiti Wall where you can build at an angle, write your name or create clever images out of Lego!

AND! 5 creation stations where you can dedicate yourself to your building and Lego in your own private space!

On top of this we have a soft block zone where you can build towers and knock them down, create crazy walls or tumble down houses!

Look out for the cuby-holes to make dens in, bring in your Lego and create your own world, or climb up the rope ladders to find a quiet hideout to enjoy.

We also have sets available to borrow and build on site for those who want to challenge themselves and to build something they don’t already have in their collection!  Only for the most conscientious though, we need you to take good care of the sets and they must be returned without any bits missing for the next person to enjoy to the full!

Some of our sets!


Due to the nature of the small parts, figures and bricks of Lego and Playmobil parents and care givers are asked to be especially vigilant whilst in the building with small children who may put small objects into their mouths as there is a risk of swallowing or choking.